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Travelling is a wonderful occasion, it’s even better when we do it with those closest to us. The bond you share is strengthened by providing quality time together. That’s why romantic holidays are some of the most magical – whether it be for an anniversary, honeymoon, special occasion or a spontaneous getaway. Couples holidays are some of the most memorable experiences in life. Today we’ll be going over the best destinations for your romantic escape.


The Maldives - Arguably one of the most perfect destinations on Earth for couples. The serene and luxurious islands of the Maldives offer an escape like no other. Over-water villas provide instant access to the pure blue Indian ocean. If that doesn’t suit you, villas hidden within the treeline back out onto white sand beaches giving the illusion of complete privacy.

The Maldives is most popular with honeymooners but, with so many different islands in the Maldives to choose from there’s a wide variety to suit any couple.



Italy, Venice - We couldn’t do a list of the top romantic locations in the world without talking about the floating city, so we’ll keep it short and sweet. Nothing compares to losing yourself in the tight streets of Venice. With the right company you could wander for hours on end. When your feet get tired take a relaxing gondola ride down the winding canals, taking in the gorgeous architecture of each and every building.



The Caribbean, St. Lucia - Yet another breath-taking island escape. Hiking through lush forests and mountains is the perfect stress buster. When you reach the peak, look over the rolling green hills of the small Caribbean island as the warm tropical breeze sweeps past.



Iceland - For those that love the chilly weather, Iceland’s snow-covered landscape is an all year-round winter wonderland. From snowmobiling around glaciers to the Blue Lagoon geothermal spas, Iceland offers a unique variety of activities for adventurous couples. When the day is done, escape the cold by cuddling up in a cosy cabin and watching the snow fall.



Norway - Like Iceland, Norway offers amazing sightseeing, from vast lakes spanning as far as the eye can see, to sheer drop cliffsides that could make anyone’s heart race. What separates Norway from its European neighbours is the amazing cruise opportunities. Why be pinned to one location when you can visit multiple in just one day? If a voyage adventure is what you seek, Norway may be the place for you and your significant other.



Japan - Finally, Japan is a great choice for those that really love to delve into the different.. The country can come as a bit of a culture shock due to the major differences from western life, however the people here are exceptionally pleasant and the sights even more so. With so much to see, Japan is another great location for tour holidays, immerse yourself in this historical and cultural gem.


There you have it, our top romantic holiday picks for 2020! We hope this list managed to conjure up some inspiration for you and your partners travel plans. Check out some more inspiration from across the Inspire blog, or if you’re ready to set off, call one of our travel experts on 0161 440 6735!